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  • Friendly, adaptable copywriter
  • Natural eye for detail
  • Award winning business graduate
  • Experienced marketer
  • Previous work with startups

I’ve been writing since I was young and for the last two years people have been paying me.

It started with the short stories I used to write when I was a little girl, which sadly haven’t made it to my samples page for cringe-prevention reasons. My varied career path led me to working in a busy regional marketing team for a big international company, where I developed my skills writing printed materials as well as e-shots, web and video assets.

At the same time I helped my husband in his role as a UI/UX designer, writing for blogs, apps and websites for startups and small businesses. I recently graduated with a first class business degree and two awards. Now I’m branching out as a freelance copywriter, bringing a fresh perspective and enthusiastic attitude.

Based in the West Midlands, I’m methodical, honest and friendly. When I’m not writing copy I’m training as a user researcher for as well as blogging, practicing yoga, drinking cocktails in Birmingham, reading by the river in Shrewsbury and walking in the Shropshire countryside.

From tiny startups to big corporates I’m happy to take a look at your brief and give you a quote.

"That's a damn fine cup of copy"

If Agent Dale Cooper read my work, that’s exactly what he would say.

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