Award sponsorship at CIEEM 2014

Award sponsorship - Arup at CIEEM 2014
Award sponsorship - Arup at CIEEM 2014
Award sponsorship - Arup at CIEEM 2014

Project Info

Client Arup
Skills Print, Digital, E-shot, Marketing Copy, Video Script, Web Page, Events, Display

Project Description

Combining short print copy, web content and video scripts, Arup impressed their peers and raised their profile through award sponsorship. Now the UK ecology team has a common marketing language to use in the future.

The Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) supports ecological and environmental management professionals. Arup worked with sponsored CIEEM’s inaugural awards ceremony in 2014, using the opportunity to build its presence in the ecology profession.

The venue restricted what printed collateral Arup could provide, so the solution needed to be discrete and link to more in-depth material. I developed a business card holder, which included a number of sections describing different aspects of Arup’s expertise. Each section linked to videos hosted on a dedicated event web page. My role was to write the business card holders, the web page and the video script as part of copy for the award sponsorship.

Arup’s delegates gave out the business card holders while networking. Links to the website were also provided via two pull up display banners showing the short link and QR codes. The video web page received 300 views, meaning the strategy worked well for the audience.

As part of their sponsorship Arup were allowed to invite a number of guests to the ceremony. I wrote e-shot invitations and event information leaflets, containing details of the venue location, times and agenda. Guests said the email communications made them feel confident in Arup’s professionalism and purveyed the prestigious nature of the event.

“The business card holders with their pithy statements and the QR links to the thought-provoking videos, provided a great talking point. Not only did they help cement our brand at the event, but they will have provided pertinent marketing material for the long term:  a lasting legacy – thank you!”
Mick Hall, UK Environmental Consulting Leader, Arup

It wasn’t a typical sales campaign as the event delegates were mainly peers and fellow professionals. This meant that the award sponsorship copy needed to be insightful and incorporate an element of “thought leadership”.

The materials have been well received by the ecology team at Arup, who until this point had done very little marketing. The content created a common language within the UK ecology team, which can be used to describe their discipline in future marketing.