Blogs for a UI & UX Designer

Project Info

Skills Digital, Blogs, SEO, Content

Project Description

Blogs ghostwritten for a freelance designer showed off knowledge and increased sales leads.

Blogs can be time consuming to mantain, so I offered to ghost write some articles for my husband meaning he could focus more time on billable design work. We brainstormed a number of topics and on a semi-regular basis I wrote and published blogs on his website.

The topics focused on his experiences as a freelance designer, giving guidance to other designers whilst also weaving in search terms that strengthened the SEO of his site.

I use a tried and tested blog format that suits online readers, who typically skim read digital content. Eye-catching headlines and easy-to-read sub-headings give readers a logical narrative even when they’re speeding through the article. The tone is informal, friendly and authoritative, presenting the author as someone you easily can approach for trusted advice.

By sharing the articles on LinkedIn and Twitter Mike has received positive feedback, new followers, increased traffic to his website and three new work enquiries. Comments from readers generated interesting conversations, giving Mike further opportunity to demonstrate his expertise in UX and UI design.