Exhibition Copy for The Battle of Edge Hill

Exhibition copy for The Battle of Edge Hill
Exhibition copy for The Battle of Edge Hill
Exhibition copy for The Battle of Edge Hill

Project Info

Client Local Historians of Radway
Skills Copyediting, Print, Exhibition, Display, Education, Historical

Project Description

This lottery funded installation packs lots of local history into the exhibition copy, creating a family friendly 12-panel display.

The Battle of Edgehill was the first battle fought in the English Civil War. Local Warwickshire historians were granted funds to build a small exhibition in a church located near to the battle ground. The exhibition copy is aimed at telling families and school children about the heritage of their village.

A wide breadth of accurate historical facts needed to be covered by the exhibition copy. The source information was mainly a large collection of hand written and word-processed documents. This information was copy typed and categorised into twelve topics, one topic per panel. This text was then drastically copyedited, taking the most pertinent facts and re-writing them within the limited word count of each panel. Space on each panel was limited, as the exhibition copy needed to be legible from a distance of 1 to 2 metres.

Local primary school teachers provided written feedback suggesting how the exhibition could align with the current curriculum. These suggestions were incorporated in the exhibition copy for each panel, giving a broader historical context of the English Civil War and its drivers.

The exhibition opened in October 2015, and was well received by the local community.