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Howler web copy
Howler web copy

Project Info

Client Howler
Skills Copyediting, Proofreading, Web Copy, Terms & Conditions, Blogs, Press Release,

Project Description

A fledgling digital startup acquired and retained new users through a carefully written website, press release and weekly blogs.

Howler is the only collaborative comedy and joke writing app. It allows users to read and write funny jokes with comedy fans around the world using either the website or the iOS app.

Howler already had a strong tone of voice and the client really wanted to retain their friendly, irreverent voice. They initially asked me to proof read and copyedit their existing web copy. I used a light touch to make it grammatically correct and easy to read.

Whilst copyediting I noticed that the terms and conditions section needed more clarity, so that users could be completely aware of the guidelines for the site. I rewrote this section to be more explicit whilst still giving a welcoming and informal message to the reader.

When Howler launched their iOS app they needed a number of press releases to be emailed to tech, startup and comedy publications. I helped the co-founder draft a persuasive and direct e-shot summarising exactly why the launch was newsworthy.

My work continued in the form of a weekly blog, expanding on popular jokes from the past seven days, linking them to the latest news stories that inspired the setup. By adding backlinks and tweeting the blogs we were able to increase traffic to the Howler website.