Website Copy for new UX & UI micro-studio

Website Copy for new UX & UI micro-studio
Website Copy for new UX & UI micro-studio

Project Info

Client Bossanova Design
Skills Digital, Website, Strap Line, SEO, Copywriting,

Project Description

Website copy creates a smooth, professional transition from freelancer to micro-studio.

Bossanova Design is the new micro-studio being setup by my husband and I. It is an evolution of and seven years freelance UI and UX design work. Bossanova design is expanding into new services whilst increasing the amount of design work it provides.

The tone of voice used on the freelancer website was very friendly and quite informal. It was important to Mike to maintain an approachable persona whilst changing the tone to one of a professional agency. The new website copy new shows the existing portfolio in a new light.

I spent a lot of time working on creating website copy that was as simple and clean as our design style, whilst also describing exactly what services we provide. After a number of iterations we agreed on “Discovery, Direction, Design”.

Structuring content is critical to getting the website to convert visitors to sales leads, persuading readers to contact Bossanova for a quote. It was decided that there should be a page for each of the three key services provided. Google keywords was used to identify the most searched for terms in these areas, and these terms have been discretely mixed into the copy.

The website is still a work in progress, but the architecture of the content and the website copy itself have given Mike a fantastic blueprint from which to design the site.