Copywriting projects combine a variety of mediums and styles.

That’s why I pride myself on being versatile. If you need a sales brochure you might also need a banner, a leaflet, an e-shot and a press release;  From a tantalising holding page to an informative blog post, my copy makes an impact and delivers value where its most needed.

Even if you already have some good text there are ways to improve it through proofreading and copyediting. To see for yourself take a look at some samples of my previous work.


• Leaflets and flyers
• Brochures and catalogues
• Newsletters
• Advertorials
• Press releases
• Direct marketing
• Exhibitions and displays


• Correcting spelling and grammar
• Improving sentence structures
• Checking names and places
• BSI proof-correction marks
• Consistency corrections
• Checking captions and labels


• Website and app copy
• Search engine optimisation (SEO)
• Blogs and other content
• Landing pages and holding pages
• Product descriptions
• E-mails and newsletters
• Video and audio scripts


• Improving content length
• Editing content structure
• Correcting language and format
• Using George Orwell’s six rules
• Ensuring suitability for audience
• Flagging legal issues

"That's a damn fine cup of copy"

If Agent Dale Cooper read my work, that’s exactly what he would say.

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